Art is one of the most expressive things that a person can have, and what better way to express yourself than with an original piece?

The community of Zazzle is made up of thousands creative people who are passionate about art, and they create unique and original artwork that can be applied to different merchandise. The best part about using Zazzle is that you have access to over a million designs–there's literally something for everyone!

On this page you can find a small collection of original artists who who are passionate about their work, and are sure to make your day brighter with their beautiful creations.

If you're looking for some inspiration in your life or just want something new on your wall, check out these artists who offer unique pieces.

Use your own images and design your personal gifts:

Personal Creation Stone Coaster

Blank Photo Collage Frame 4 Photos Poster

Create Your Instagram Photo 15 oz Travel Mug

Personal Creation Wrapping Paper

Hello My Name Is Name Tag

Round Shape Custom Personal Creations T-Shirt

Grunge Frame Custom Personal Creations T-Shirt

Heart Shape Personalized Photo T-Shirt

Use Your Own Photo On Red Wrapping Paper

Personal Creation Photo Gift White Wrapping Paper

Personal Creations 3 Photos Wrapping Paper

Create Your Own Instagram Photo iPhone 6 Case

Personal Creation Wrist Watch

Round Shape Personal Creations 20 Inch Outdoor Pillow

Instagram 5 Photo Template iPhone 7 Cover

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