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Edit And Sort 1000 Vacation Photos in Minutes? For Our Users, That’s Normal, Says Zoner Exec Jaroslav Kucek

San Francisco, Oct. 9th, 2013: A week after launch, Zoner’s photo editing and management program is among the most-downloaded software on CNET. Zoner Photo Studio is the first program of its kind in the world to fully support touch control, and offers a number of unique features beloved by both amateurs and pros. One important part of this photography solution is the online gallery, the first to let users upload and share an unlimited number of photographs at original quality. Even a million photographs at 100-megapixel resolution is no problem.

“Our developers were handed a clear task: the new version must have unique features, and its controls must be as quick and intuitive as a Google search,” says Jaroslav Kucek of the philosophy behind the latest version of Zoner Photo Studio. Zoner’s strategic goal is to become number one in the American PC photo software market within three years.

Less Screen Time, More Camera Time

We aim to bring photography lovers a tool that makes their computer work faster and easier. Our program is unique in how well it covers a photographer’s whole workflow. From downloading photos onto a computer to organizing them and making edits ranging from simple red eye correction to advanced pro edits like 3D, panoramas, and HDR. This is a major plus—we offer everything in one place. Work that takes half a day elsewhere is done with us in minutes.

This software also offers first-rate batch photo management and editing. This makes it easy to take any number of photos and e.g. fix their white balance, repair their date-taken info, watermark them, and get creative on them with a filter.


New features in the latest version include e.g. content-aware resizing, a new Compare Images mode, and RAW and JPEG grouping. Users are already showering praise on the improved work with Google Maps. For example they can now drag and drop pictures onto the map to show where they were taken, or easily find photos from a certain area. Last but not least, it’s easier than ever to work with

Photoshop—My Favorite Accessory

Many of our experienced users find Photoshop to be an excellent accessory to Zoner Photo Studio. Our software is a great photo workflow solution overall. Meanwhile Photoshop, as a dedicated photo editor, is a great way for the professionals among our users to go on to make artistic edits.

“I’d compare Photoshop to a superb construction machine, and Zoner Photo Studio to a comfortable sedan. Naturally you won’t dig a pool with a Toyota Sienna. But you also won’t ride to work in a Caterpillar. For that task, it’s the wrong vehicle at the wrong price,” summarizes Kucek.

About Zoner:

Zoner, Inc. develops and markets Zoner Photo Studio, a Windows-based suite of digital imaging tools that streamlines the importing, viewing, retouching, managing and sharing of photos. Lauded for its superior performance by editors from CNET, Chip Online, and Softonic, ZPS is used by more than 5 million people worldwide, including photographers, businesses, and non-profits. The company also operates a truly unlimited photo cloud that’s also a global photography education and album site community. Zoner corporate offices are located in San Francisco, Tokyo, and the Czech Republic.


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