"Every savage can dance" Jane Austen Quote on Teal Leggings

"Every savage can dance" Jane Austen Quote on Teal Leggings
Literary types won't be the ONLY ones likely to appreciate this quote, but the word-lovers are more likely to recognize its origin. Spoken by the ever-beloved Mr. Darcy in Jane Austen's novel, "Pride and Prejudice", it was one of his more elitist, snotty remarks. We love him in spite of his snobbery... dancing or no dancing. These days we celebrate so many different dance styles and we do it with our own unique flair, even printing quotes down our legs. Neither Jane Austen nor her characters would have been caught dead in public wearing these leggings, and that's fine. We'll keep celebrating the writer and her witty quotes in all the ways that suit us. Including wearing these fantastic leggings when WE dance. (And when we do yoga and pilates and when we run, too... or just go meet up with the girls, or hang at home with a good book. Savages aren't much into rules, after all!) It's possible you love the look of these leggings but you aren't so much into Mr. Darcy or books or even dance. You could start from scratch and design your own workout pants. But a) you don't really design things since you don't think of yourself as one of the creative people, and b) you don't want to take the time anyway. Well why should you when other people are happy to do that instead!? This pair? I got them started for you. Keep them as is or change them up. So if you like the look of this piece of activewear, but you want to change the quote, or maybe the font or placement you get to do just that! Change away! And the color? What a bright, happy teal I chose the day I designed these. It's the tiniest bit perfect. But you need a different color today. So change that too! That's the thing about DIY leggings. They're all about you. So make them yours and love them while you dance your savage booty off!
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