Retro Antique Book, faux leather bound brown Binder

Retro Antique Book, faux leather bound brown Binder
The image for this retro folder (or binder) has been taken from a very old book. In stead of just another bland binder in your library, why not have something that looks like a worn brown leather bound book? A few of them together will certainly create the impression of antique books stacked next to each other. This example has highly ornate decorations in faded gold and black. On the front and spine you can add your own text, so you can customize the folder to your personal taste. The texture of the leather that was photographed to make this folder was fairly rough and with lots of scratches. Real grunge in other words. This will look good on any bookcase and in any library or study, and make in ideal gift for any student, professor or anyone who loves the retro look of classic books or vintage faux leather. Please note that this folder isn't actually made of leather and it does not actually have a rough texture. It's simply a printed design (photo).
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Zazzle binder created by techvinci (July 30, 2014, 8:39 pm)
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